5 Awesome Compressor Pedal for Slide… Feat. Ariel Slide-Wagon

Pete and Ariel (aka. Ariel Slide-Wagon) take a look at a selection of rather tasty compressor pedals, including one rather special contender…

Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Deluxe in Limited Edition ‘Guitar Paradiso’ Finish – https://goo.gl/doHxqK

Fender The Bends Compressor Pedal – https://goo.gl/G9V4TA

Tone City Comp Engine Compressor Pedal – https://goo.gl/kmmgcD

Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor – https://goo.gl/xHtHhA

Wampler Mini EGO Compressor Pedal – https://goo.gl/yFhxLj

MXR Dyna Comp Mini – https://goo.gl/xTnGAr

Ultimate Guide to Compressor Pedals – https://goo.gl/CN2Goa

And Ariels signature Mythos Deadalus Plus Pedal – https://goo.gl/QyAJLy

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