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It is true that in this marathon, today, our team have already brought you a game from the category of games with Barbie, but you are always so happy, especially the girls, when we manage to bring you this kind of games, that we decided to bring you one more Barbie games and we are very enthusiastic about it, so lets begin the fun , but of course that first of all we have to tell you what exactly your “mission” will be. Well, if you know Barbie, and you probably do, then it is obvious for you that barbie have always been in love with fashion and she always tries her best to look good, and this will be your job in the next game. it seems like Barbie wants a new outfit, so you will have to use your imagination and your creativity to decide which clothes from the capy closet are the best for beautiful Barbie, which styles suits her the best, which are the colors that go with her complexion and so on. Don’t forget about the accesories and we are sure that she will be extremily grateful for all your help when she will see the beautiful outfit that you have prepared for her.

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