Barbie Once Upon a Date Game – Best Barbie Video Games For Girls

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All the beautiful girls here on have a lot of dates, and today dear friends you will have the chance to go with one of these girls to a real date. Barbie is back on, and you dear friends will have to help her go to a real date, but she wants to be very elegant dressed, so you will have to help her find for her the best, the most beautiful and the most elegant dress that looks like the dresses that princesses wear one or two hundred year ago. She wants to go back in time with her style, and so you will have to help her do that and make sure that you will find the best and the most beautiful clothes and accessories that she can wear, and so we are sure that she will be very beautiful and make sure that she will have more dates where to wear this new once upon a time dresses that you picked up specially for her. Even dough it’s not easy, we are sure that you will make a very good job and that Barbie will return here on with more fun and interesting games for you to play. Have fun!

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