BARBIE PRINCESS Doctor! Elsa & Disney Princesses Cinderella Ariel Belle & Rapunzel go Doctor!

Barbie Doctor! Elsa & Disney Princesses Cinderella Ariel Belle and Rapunzel go Doctor! Dolls Videos! Watch Barbie in her Doctor surgery treat Frozen Elsa and Disney Princess dolls and their daughters for lots of different things including high temperature, a rash burping problem, stress and a twisted wrist! Barbie loves helping her patients to feel better and has to ask them questions to diagnose the problem! Belle from Beauty and the beast and Cinderella bring their children to be seen by Barbie the Doctor! Who has to have a sample taken who needs medication or pills? Who needs to eat less acidic foods and who Who just needs a holiday? Watch this fun Barbie Elsa Disney Princess Dolls video to find out!

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Elsa Anna go to the Doctor! Frozen Barbie Dolls Videos! Full Episode in English! Frozen Elsa and Anna got to the Doctor because their toddlers have chicken pox! Watch this full Dolls episode featuring The Barbie Doctor Playset and Barbie Doll! Will Anna take her medicine? Will the Frozen girls get better?

This mini Frozen movie is fun Youtube video to watch for kids of all ages! We love playing with our favourite Disney Princess Doll and can’t wait for the Frozen 2 Movie to come out! Until then we will have to make our own dolls videos and watch our own Frozen and Barbie Dolls Episodes!

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ELSA’s Barbecue! Elsa Grills Hotdogs and Hamburgers! Elsa and Anna Toddlers enjoy the Barbecue! Elsa from the Frozen Movie is having a barbecue! It is sunny and hot – perfect weather to grill some hotdogs and hamburgers! Anna is setting up the hammock and Elsa is preparing the coals. The Frozen toddlers want to help but they don’t wan’t to get burned! Little Anna gives the puppy a surprise treat when no one is looking? Will they have a successful barbecue or will it rain?! Watch this fun dolls movie full in English video to find out!
Cruise Ship! Elsa & Anna board Barbie’s Cruise Ship Adventure! Swimming Pool Giant Slide, Food Buffet & Candy Surprise! Holiday Vacation fun! Elsa and Anna go on Barbie’s Cruise Ship adventure! The Elsa and Anna toddlers are so excited to board the glam Barbie ship! Barbie is the captain of the ship and will be steering the giant crusieliner!
Sleepover! Elsa & Anna Slumber Party at Chelsea & Barbie’s Doll House! Fun Games Twister and Spin the Bottle! Real Tiny Food Snacks including Popcorn Nachos Candy and Chocolate! + Movie Time!Frozen Elsa & Anna are having a sleepover at Chelsea and Barbie’s Dollhouse!
Airplane! Elsa & Anna board Barbie’s Glam Jet! Frozen Dolls go on Vacation! Aeroplane Adventure! Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna are going on vacation on an airplane for the first time! Anna is busy packing her clothes and Elsa has got the passports ready! They don’t want to be late!
At the Hotel! Elsa & Anna go Swimming in Barbie’s Hotel! Watch TV Playing and eating Candy! Have noisy Pillow Fight! Order Room Service! Holiday Vacation Adventure!Elsa and Anna go to Barbie’s Glam Grand Princess Hotel!
Birthday Party! Elsa and Anna celebrate with Birthday Cake, Piñata, Pass the Parcel & Bouncy Castle! Full Disney Princess Frozen Dolls Movie! Disney’s Frozen Princesses Elsa and Anna are celebrating Elsie’s 5th Birthday Party with Birthday Cake, Piñata full of candy, Pass the Parcel game with lots of toys & a Bouncy Castle made out of Marshmallows!
We loved watching the Frozen Movie especially Elsa’s Let it go Song so we made our own Frozen Dolls Movie for our fans. We love everything about the Disney Princesses and have fun doing their hair, dress up and having lots of Disney Princess parties!

About our channel: We loved watching the Frozen Movie and have lots of fun making our own Frozen mini dolls episodes for our fans. We love everything about the Disney Princesses and have fun doing their hair, dress up and having lots of Disney Princess parties!

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