Disney Princess Elsa Ariel Rapunzel Birthday Party Dress Up Game for Girls

Princess Birthday Party
It’s an important day that comes with a special event in this kingdom and we are going to help 3 princesses Elsa, Rapunzel and Snow White to find a suitable outfit for birthday party. Equips each girl with a bouquet of flowers and they’ll be ready to celebrate.
You can play game here : http://www.gamesforgirlz.net/game/17444/Princess-Birthday-Party

Ariel Birthday Girl
Today is Ariel’s birthday and all the other princesses have brought a lot of gifts. Help her choose four of them to open. We will get some cute clothes or delightful accessories. Lets choose which ones we like most and put them on Ariel and then complete her look with a new fabulous hairstyle.
You can play game here : http://www.cutezee.com/play/ariel-birthday-girl

Disney Bday Party
Help the princesses organize a surprise Disney Bday Party for Rapunzel on her eighteen birthday! Elsa is taking charge of the preparations and she assigns a role to everyone. Cinderella has to get a birthday gift, wrap it up in a gift bag and also get a card. In order to get exactly what Rapunzel wants, she should check out her wish list posted online. Next is Anna’s turn to decorate the room. Elsa is the master baker and she will make a birthday cake. Finally, Snow White can gather some props and dress the girls up with fun accessories like hats, cool glasses, party whistles and fun wigs. Everything is ready, now all is left to do is surprise Rapunzel!
You can play game here : https://www.enjoydressup.com/play/disney-bday-party

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