Disney Princess Petite Gift Set Rapunzel Cinderella Ariel Merida Snow White

This is one of the nicest Princess Gifts Sets I have seen in a while. The princesses have lots of great detail and look gorgeous.
I love the fact that all of the princesses look like toddlers.

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I wish Disney would have omitted the lipstick on their lips, especially on Snow White (the doll it’s most noticeable on) so that they could truly be innocent toddlers. The hair brushes like Barbie hair, and I found a Barbie sized plastic hairbrush worked well for styling their hair. It wouldn’t have killed Disney to include a hair brush, maybe themed ones for each princess to give the set more play value. The dolls are sturdy, and their heads don’t pop off easily, as some Barbie doll heads do.

What I like most about these princesses is that they actually look like the princess, Rapunzel actually has freckles. Their dresses are glitzy without containing loose glitter which gets all over the place. Their shoes match their dresses perfectly.

Cinderella – blue signature dress with a pink flower on it; silver and blue tiara; light blue shoes
Ariel – purple and turquoise dress, silver and turquoise tiara; turquoise shoes
Rapunzel – pink and purple signature dress; silver and purple tiara; purple shoes
Snow White – yellow, blue, and red signature dress with white flower, silver and red tiara, and pinkish red shoes
Merida – teal cotton medieval dress, with teal shoes and a gold tiara

Snow White’s shoes weren’t pure red and were more of an off pink color, the same goes for her sleeves. These dolls are the perfect size to use with Barbie accessories, so that increases their play value. I would love to see Disney come out with a toddler palace for the princesses to play in together, with cribs, mobiles, swings, high chairs, etc. I think that would be awesome! videos de tique tic toc, disney princess rapunzel, petite cindirella, anna elsa snow white cinderella, so long and all then ariel and merida, merida, les figurines de princesse, my little pony pop

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