Fun Care Game – Power Girls Super City – Play Monster Rescue, Dress Up & Cooking Games For Girls

Power Girls Super City – Superhero House & Monster Rescue

➔ Games for Kids:
– NEW Power Girls’ adventures inside: Ice Monster and superhero makeup!
– To the rescue: help the Power Girls save Super City from the monsters!
– Visit the Power Girls’ house to play dress up, bath and cooking games for girls!
– Learn to sort waste, save the environment, set the table, clean up and more!

Play and learn with the Power Girls in Super City! Join the Power Girls in their girly daily fun at home or go on exciting city rescue adventures.
Every Power Girl has a special skill: beautiful Blaze can control fire, sweet Moana’s superpower is water and charming Flora has the power of nature. Meet your new super friends in the Power Girls’ house to play superhero dress up and bath spa, do makeup, cook in the kitchen and watch TV. When Super City calls for help, catch the monsters and turn them into friendly super citizens!

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