Play Doh Ariel Makeover Dress Up Little Mermaid Play Dough Barbie Doll AllToyCollector

Play-Doh the Little Mermaid Princess Ariel Barbie Makeover by AllToyCollector. Play Doh tutorial on how to turn Disney Princess Ariel Barbie into a mermaid by creating a Play Doh mermaid fins / tale. This Play Doh Barbie dress up makeover tutorial is similar to AllToyCollector Frozen Elsa, Frozen Anna, Belle from Beauty and the Beast Barbie doll playdoh makeovers. To make Ariel’s play dough outfit you just need 3 cans of green play doh, a play-doh roller and a play dough.

the music from the video is from the Royalty Free YouTube Audio Library.
Song: Daisy Dukes

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