Thrift Shop Dolls Part 6 – Disney Cinderella Dolls and Castle

Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, stepsister and stepmother! These beautiful dolls from Disney’s animated movie Cinderella were found at the thrift shop! And that’s not all. We have Cinderella’s castle and carriage!

Thrift Shop Dolls Part 1 – Bratz Fully Dressed:

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Thrift Shop Dolls Part 3 – Bratz Almost Fully Dressed:

Thrift Shop Dolls Part 4 – Disney Mulan and Captain Shang:

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Biggest Bratz Haul – Part 1:

Biggest Bratz Haul – Part 2:

Biggest Bratz Haul – Part 3:

Worst Bratz Doll Haul:

Best Bratz Doll Haul:

Bratz Dolls Thrift Shop Haul with Bella and Michael

Bratz Doll Collection and Thrift Shop Haul:

Dolls were bought at Value Village and the Salvation Army Thrift Store.
You can find really great dolls at these stores:

Rosie, Declan, Mootoo and the whole Rosie’s Tea Party gang are always up to something.
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