Your Favorite Fat Cat Is Here to Play – GARFIELD: MY BIG FAT DIET

Have you been a fan of the sneaky, sarcastic, but somehow always loveable Garfield since forever? Now your favorite fat cat is available to you in a whole new way – he’s got a brand-new delicious game! And he’s hungrier than ever and craving lasagna! The only thing is, Jon’s got him on this annoying diet! Ugh.

That’s where you come in – help Garfield embark on his eating adventure! After all, Jon or no Jon, Garfield’s got to keep up his fabulous, if somewhat lazy reputation of eating his days away! Sharpen your cat senses and play as Garfield. Cheat on your diet and eat your way through the best junk food joints in the country! But don’t get busted! Grab as much food as you can before geeky Jon catches you in action. With all that lounging around, Garfield has absolutely no time for a diet! Get him his lasagna and start playing!

You’ll love this sneaky lasagna-filled game – Over 1 million people downloaded it on iOS within a week of launching!

Well, what are you waiting for? Garfield’s hungry – Ignore Jon and his crazy diet ideas, and get your game on!

Download the app here: Garfield: My Big Fat Diet

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