Zombie Princess Rapunzel Game – Rapunzel Video Games For Girls

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We invite you to try out this brand new game from the Once Upon a Zombie games, we are sure you will be excited to see that you have the chance to try it out, especially because you are going to play with Rapunzel and she is just great, even though she is a zombie now, she is the same kind hearted and joyfull princess. Well, what happened is that a curse landed upon Fairytale world and now all the princesses are zombies, but they want to lift this curse and solve everything because together they are very powerful, and they make a great team. But nevertheless they are still princesses and they want to look gorgeous, so come and help Rapunzel with her new outfit, it has to be beautiful, but of coursw in the same time you will be able to tell from her outfit only that she is a zombie now. Good luck!

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